So, what’s this guide about?

Every day, we hear potential property buyers saying: ‘How do I buy a house? I just don’t know where to start’. They also say that, ‘You make your money in property when you buy’. In other words, if you know what you’re doing and get a good price when you buy, you’ve already made money compared to someone who pays more than they need to. But how?

That’s why we put this comprehensive Property Buying Guide together, in plain English, to help you. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced property buyer, this Guide is for you! If you already know some of this stuff, just click on the appropriate stage of the process below to skip to the section that you’re interested in.

The property market has changed a lot in the last few years and the process of buying a property has also changed. You might have bought a property in Scotland before, but if it was prior to the introduction of Home Reports in late 2008 the process will now be different.

This is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process. A lot of anxiety amongst property buyers is caused by not knowing what is happening: the aim of this guide is to inform you and to help make the process of buying a property exciting rather than scary!

This guide sounds interesting, but I hate reading online – are there any other options?

Of course, why not just give our expert Conveyancing Team at MOV8 Conveyancing a call! They specialise in guiding potential property buyers through the whole process.

They can let you know the pitfalls, the tips and tricks for getting a great price, and give you a breakdown of what it will actually cost to buy a property. They are always delighted to help, whether by phone or by email! Just email or give us a call today!

Can I not just buy direct from the seller?

We’re afraid not. You can negotiate with them by yourself if you like, but when it comes to arranging the legal transfer of the property from that person to you, in Scotland you have to engage the services of a solicitor. This part of the process is called ‘conveyancing’ and only solicitors in Scotland are allowed to do this. Most solicitors charge the same fee whether they are involved in the negotiation of the purchase or are just doing the conveyancing at the end, so why not use the services of a professional who can use their expertise to help you to get the best price and act as a buffer between you and the property seller?

I’ve already found the house I’ve been dreaming of, am I too late to sort all this out?

Not at all! It might still be useful to look through this guide and check that you have done all of the things that are important in buying a property in Scotland. Then it’s just a question of appointing a solicitor to handle the conveyancing.