Cladding in the News

Cladding puts flat owners’ lives on hold – BBC
After Grenfell, homebuyers told their flats are worthless – Guardian
Grenfell confusion stops 500,000 selling homes – The Times
Our flat is worth nothing – Scotsman

Numerous media reports in late 2019 have highlighted that property owners in Scotland are struggling to sell flats that contain some form of potentially-flammable, external cladding materials. This page is here to help anyone who is thinking of selling or purchasing a property with external cladding.

What Does Cladding Mean for Property Owners

The Grenfell Tower tragedy occurred in mid-2017. Dangerously-flammable, external cladding was blamed for the rapid spread of fire that contributed to the scale of the tragedy.

Between mid-2017 and late-2019, we experienced a handful of cases where external cladding presented any challenges for property sellers and buyers.

Around September 2019, we saw a significant change in the policy of most major lenders in the UK towards cladding issues. Many lenders are now requesting a report that certifies the safety of external cladding.

Can I Sell a Property With External Cladding?

You can still sell properties with external cladding. However, there are three different likelihoods of achieving a sale.

You Can Probably Sell…

If your building is less than 18 metres, lenders are currently lending and cash buyers do not have that concern in the first place. However, cash buyers and mortgage borrowers may still choose not to buy.

You Can Sell if You Get the Right Certification…

If your building is more than 18 metres, lenders will require some form of certification that the cladding is safe. If you obtain that certification that the cladding is safe, some lenders will lend.

You Will Probably Not Sell and Get a Good Price…

If your building is more than 18 metres high and tests have established that the cladding is not safe, the lender will not lend and cash buyers may choose not to purchase the property.

How Can I Certify That My Property is Safe?

On 20 December 2019, it was announced that a certification programme had been agreed that was acceptable to lenders. That form is called ‘EWS1’.

Should I get a report? We would recommend that sellers find a potential buyer before obtaining an EWS1 report. Sellers should be satisfied that the report will actually satisfy their potential purchaser and lender. This is only possible having found the potential buyer in the first place. Depending on the lender, there be other ways of satisfying that lender as to the safety of the cladding.

We Are Here to Help

For advice if you are thinking of buying or selling a property that may contain flammable cladding, get in touch with our expert Cladding Team today. They will advise you on the likely demand and potential for selling your property or help you with any questions you have about buying such a property.

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