The 8 Steps to Sell Your Property

MOV8’s Simple Guide to Selling in Scotland


Property Valuation and Quote

Before you decide to sell, you need to know what your property is worth and how much it will cost to sell it. Arranging this is simple. First, contact us to arrange a free, pre-sale valuation of your property. This can be done at your property or even by email if it’s more convenient for you. Second, we will provide you with a quote for all the costs involved in selling.


Choose Your Estate Agent

Once you’ve gone through our quote, if you like what we do, what we charge and you are happy with our Terms and Conditions, you can ask us to market and sell your property. We’ll arrange payment of any necessary fees and arrange the next steps with you (see below!).


We Arrange Photos and the Home Report

We will send a professional photographer to your property to take amazing photos along with measurements and floor plan sketches. Our team will also arrange your Home Report with a chartered surveyor. Whilst all this is happening, we prepare your marketing materials and schedules, which you of course get to approve. Assuming you are happy with those, the next stage is…


Property Is Live on the Market!

At this stage, your For Sale Board goes up and your property details are on all of the major UK-wide property marketing websites.


Arrange Viewings

When we receive any enquiry about your property, we’ll speak to the potential buyer, establish their buying position and then try to get them to your property for a viewing. You can either conduct these viewings yourself or we can do them for you.


Receive and Negotiate an Offer

When we receive an Offer on your property, our expert negotiators explain it to you fully and then negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price. It’s always your choice as to whether you accept any Offer. Once you have accepted an Offer, it’s time to get the legal process taken-care of.


Conveyancing Stage

After accepting an Offer, it’s time to do the conveyancing. Conveyancing is essentially the legal process of transferring ownership of the property to the buyer and ensuring that a proper contract exists to ensure that you are paid for this. If you are buying another property, the conveyancing process for that will also be taking place at this stage.


Your Sale Completes

Once all the legal work is done, the property sales completes on the agreed Date of Entry. The keys are handed-over to the buyer and we receive the money on your behalf. Some more paperwork is done in the background and, shortly afterwards, you get the money. At that point you can pop open the champagne and celebrate the successful sale of your property!