How to go about selling your property

The process of selling property in Scotland has seen a lot of changes in the last few years, including the introduction of Home Reports in 2008 which was a game-changer. Here we set out the various steps to selling your property so that you can make informed decisions.

Selling direct to a buyer

To transfer ownership of a property from one person to another in Scotland, you have to engage the services of a solicitor. If you already know the buyer of your property, you can both go directly to a solicitor to handle the transfer process without the need to market your property through an estate agent or solicitor/estate agent.

When is a good time to sell?

If you are selling in order to buy somewhere else, the market conditions that affect your property sale also affects the one you are buying. So, if the market is rising, your own property’s value is likely to be rising at the same time as the price of your dream property is going up. There is a lot of truth in the advice that there is no time like the present!

Expert advice

If you would like to speak to someone about selling your property, call MOV8’s New Client Team today. They specialise in guiding potential property sellers through the process of selling and buying a property in Scotland, letting them know the cost of selling, the value of their property, and then arranging, if appropriate, to get their property on the market. They are always delighted to help – just call 0345 646 0208 (Option 1) or email [email protected]. You can also instantly book a free valuation appointment online by following this link.